Hinterland Exhibition

Exhibition Information

10 August - 24 September Private View 13 August 2 - 4pm
In this exhibition, Simon Langsdale and Jane Bottery bring together letter carving,
lettering, painting and drawing from the mutual wish to make meditative pieces which
resonate with the viewer.

They both have an appreciation of nature writing and chose
The Peregrine by J A Baker as their initial source of inspiration.
The book is set on the flat marshes of the Essex coast and focuses on Baker's
observations of the birds that share this particular environment. First published in
1967, it is considered to be one of the most important books in twentieth-century
nature writing. The artists were drawn to it because of the author's painterly and
expressive way of describing the landscape - a favourite quote from the book is
the hardest thing of all to see is what is really there'.

Walking the same localities Baker explored, they found the coastal area around
Tollesbury resonated with their own sensibilities and interests. Over time they came to
recognise that this calm and transient space with it's ebb and flow, its juxtapositions of
wildness and man-made interventions and its fleeting glimpses of history, tied in with
their preferences for things on the periphery and for exploring the unusual and

The title Hinterland came out of these walks, discussions and pauses to observe and,
to the artists, means both what they could see and absorb but also what was interior, a
sort of thoughtful meandering as well as a physical one. The work the artists ended up
creating has gently ventured away from their original inspirations, following unexpected
paths and so echoing the paths Baker took in his book.

Simon Langsdale

Simon has had a lifelong interest in the arts and crafts and history, which led him to complete a full-time course at Roehampton University in calligraphy and bookbinding from 2006-07. During 2007-08, he undertook an informal apprenticeship with the letter carver Tom Perkins, developing drawn lettering and learning how to cut them in stone. For several years, he continued to develop his skills and worked with several other letter carvers.


In 2011, Simon set up his own workshop and from 2017-2020 he was a fellow of DIgswell Arts Trust and then moved to Parndon Mill, where he is currently based.


In 2015 he co-curated an exhibition at the Lettering Arts Trust about the craftsman

Michael Renton; also jointly editing an accompanying book, ‘His Hands Magic: Michael Renton 1934-2001’.


Recent work includes public art in Bishop’s Stortford, Welwyn Garden City and in Ware, Hertfordshire, as well as commissions for gardens and memorials. Simon has an active interest in history and holds a BA (first class hons) and an MA from the University of Hertfordshire.  

His work can be seen at simonlangsdalelettercarver.co.uk and  instagram/simonlangsdalelettercarver

Jane Bottery

Jane  is a British artist who works with a variety of media to create minimal, abstract paintings, drawings and sculptures which are influenced by nature and landscape.  

Born in Manchester in 1961 and initially trained in graphic design, she gained a first class degree in Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire in 2016. She takes influences from the work of minimal artists, applying them to pieces which have been pared back and reduced to a simple poetic statement. Interested in issues around the environment and mental well-being, her delicate, meditative work is intended to give a feeling of respite and calm.

Selected for this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Jane has also had work included in the Trinity Buoy Drawing Prize, and at Broadway Gallery Letchworth, Artspace Woodbridge, Linden Hall Gallery Deal and Courtyard Arts Hertford where she gained a commendation. She lives in North London and has a studio at Digswell Arts Trust in Hertfordshire.

Her work can be seen at janebottery.com and instagram/jbottery


Simon: 07701 027042  simonlangs@hotmail.co.uk    Jane: 07890 039511  jbottery@yahoo.co.uk