Dark Stone
  • Stage One

    After an initial meeting I produce some ideas for the client to choose from.

  • Sketches

    A detailed scale drawing of any relief carving is submitted along with the initial design ideas.

  • Stage Two

    From the feedback received, I complete a scale drawing of the memorial stone.

  • Lettering

    Full sized lettering drawings.

  • Stage Three

    Once approval for the design has been approved the stone is ordered; in this case Woodkirk Yorkstone was used. The stone is then shaped and any sculptural work is drawn out and carved.

  • Stage Four

    The inscription is then drawn out, transferred on to the stone and then cut.

  • Stage Five

    Once the inscription is cut I take it outside so that I can see the inscription in daylight and any final tidying up can be completed.

  • Stage Six

    The memorial is fixed in place.