Dark Stone

I trained as a calligrapher and bookbinder at Roehampton University 2006-07, and as a letter carver with Tom Perkins 2007-08. From 2008-2011 I studied history at the University of Hertfordshire , graduating with a first class honours degree. At the same time I also completed the three year Advanced Training Scheme with the Society of Scribes and Illuminators.

Words provide inspiration and underpinning my work is the belief that hand-made lettering communicates in a way that the machine made letter cannot. Carved lettering is an ideal form for use on memorial stones as it is better able to represent a loved one's character than type-faces or fonts. My letter forms are heavily influenced by the broad edged pen and the broad edged brush and I continually look to historical scripts and inscriptions for inspiration.

My letter forms are drawn before being transferred on to the stone and are hand cut with the traditional tools of the craft, the letter carver's dummy and the chisel, which have hardly altered in five thousand years. I have completed commissions for memorials, standing stones in the landscape, house numbers and signs as well as pieces for exhibition.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements on an entirely no obligation basis.

Simon Langsdale

Simon Langsdale

Based in Bishops Stortford

Available for Freelance